Gloria Harchar

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Lies & Crinoline

Book 3: Lumière Romances

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To save her sister, Crystal Rader must woo Reginald, the Viscount Foxley, obtain the Carthage, an ancient stone of great powers, and give it to their evil father, Tom Mrasek. Tom locked a choking device with clockworks around the sister’s neck. Crystal has two months to get what he wants or else her sister will die.
Lies & CrinolineReginald is suspicious of her, and isn't convinced she is who she says she is. However, his dear Lady Eliot–-a woman who posed as his grandmother before her death–-believed in Crystal, so much so that she named Crystal in her will with the stipulation that Reginald marry the girl in order to obtain Lady Eliot's fortunes.
Crystal claims she had nothing to do with the will, but Lady Eliot befriended her when she most needed it, and she wants to honor her benefactor by trying her hand at courting, which Reginald finds amusing and unusual.
Both Reginald and Tom are immortals. Over the centuries, Tom has sent many a woman to seduce Reginald into giving up the ancient power, and Reginald nearly succumbed twice.
Since Crystal knows nothing about seduction, and despises her abusive father, she doesn't plan on following through--although she vows to save her sister.
But her father's spies are watching her so she must try her hand at wooing. It’s a juggling act since she also builds her listening ears disguised in her robomaids to spy on establishments her father frequents in an attempt to discover where he has imprisoned her sister.
When Reginald discovers her sister is missing, he joins her in the search. He admires her ingenuity with gadgets, and the way she uses her strengths to find her sister. She is both vulnerable and brave, a mixture he finds rare in women. However, he senses she has secrets. Her attempts to flirt with him in order to honor Lady Eliot captivates him; the mystery of her fascinates him.
Reginald's determination to find her sister endears him to her. As she gets to know him better, the lies swamp her in guilt. Chivalry shines through from his ancient training as a Knight Templar, with an honor code her father and his acquaintances lack.
She never anticipated falling for Reginald herself. Can she keep him from discovering who she is–-the daughter of a man who has been Reginald's archenemy for centuries?
With a little interference from pixies Allegro and Glissando, magic just might separate the truths from the lies and the horsehair from the crinoline.
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Deceptive Devices

Book 2: Lumière Romances

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Lumière Romances: Book 2
(Formerly called The Copper Tuners). Regan Delaney, a gypsy elf and a secret agent for the Crown, plans to avenge the death of her best friend. Her primary suspect is her best friend's husband, Bran Monroe, the Earl Kirkbride.
Before she can question him, she discovers him surrounded by London’s most notorious criminals. She must engage in battle to save him before she can discover the truth.
As Regan spends more time with Bran, and witnesses his kindness, she realizes his ingrained moral code does not match that of a cold-blooded killer. But truth is elusive.
Uncontrollable blackouts leave Bran with brief memories of violence--fights, blood, and death. He wakens with bloody clothing, scents of smoke and other evidence that points to a violent side to his nature of which he has no knowledge.
Even though Bran is convinced he murdered his wife during one of his mysterious blackouts, too many details don’t add up.  Can Bran discover what is really going on, defeat the evil and accept the love that Regan offers?
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Clockwork Blue

Book 1: Lumière Romances

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Lumière Romances: Book 1
Mission… Impossible: The pixies’ mission—if Allegro and Glissando are to accept it—is to secure the future of a troubled England.
To achieve this, the Earl of Falconwood, better known as the Black Falcon, must marry Nicola Moore. Never mind the woman is a hoyden who makes the most atrocious hats decorated with machine parts, which she then dyes with her famous Clockwork Blue.
And certainly forget the earl is atoning for his brother’s death by purposely hovering on the fringes of the ton. Add to the mix Glissando’s tendency to slip to the side of the Mrasek, the ones who work to free the evil Lord Sethos.
But Maestro depends on the pixies—for better or for worse. To release the magic trapped in the Clockwork Blue dye—a magic that will safeguard England’s future—Malcolm and Nicola must not only wed, but they must also fall in love.
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